How to Promote Your Medical Practice

There are more than a million medical doctors in the United States, and over 83,00 active physicians in Canada. It takes a comprehensive advertising strategy to get noticed in this increasingly competitive field. If you have been wondering how to promote your medical practice, it is time to consider pay per click advertising services from a professional PPC management company.

What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) is a tool to drive internet traffic to your website. It is based on the concept of paying a fee to the search engine each time an internet user clicks on your ad.

There are four basic categories of PPC ads:

  • Search advertising – Ads that appear on results from relevant search engine queries. For example, a consumer enters “Botox injections” in a Google search. A variety of sponsored ads appear related to dermatology and aesthetic medicine.
  • Display advertising – Display ads range from traditional banners to larger text billboards. They appear on websites in areas specifically reserved for paid advertising.
  • Video advertising – This is a display ad with an embedded video clip. It typically appears before, during, or after the internet user clicks on a video.
  • Social media advertising – These paid ads show up in the news stream or border of a user’s social media site.

Each type of PPC has applications in an effective program of online marketing for doctors. An experienced health advertising agency helps you understand how to promote your medical practice with these advanced techniques.

Why should you consider PPC?

It is easy for someone who knows the URL of your website or your practice name to find you on the internet. The key to acquiring new patients is being found by those who need the services you provide but do not know who you are. Organic search is one way to accomplish that, but search engine optimization is complex. It takes time for SEO to trigger increased search engine ranking. The real-time effects of PPC overcome those issues.

Handled correctly, PPC puts you in the driver’s seat of your marketing strategy, propelling immediate results in a way no other method can. Why?

  •         It is straightforward – Cost is only incurred when someone who is already interested in what you offer clicks. You see exactly where your advertising dollars are going, and a direct correlation to results.
  •         Costs are easily controlled – You set the budget. Even with a reasonable cap on daily spending, you can realize immense results in a competitive industry, with some professional keyword guidance.
  •         Timing is everything – If you want to reach a target consumer, in a specific place, at the time of day when he or she is most likely to have a favorable response, PPC is for you. Location and delivery is targeted and tailored to your prime audience.
  •         Results are quick – The ROI cycle is much quicker with PPC than organic search. A PPC campaign implemented on Monday can show increase in website traffic and conversions by Tuesday.
  •         Collateral benefit – PPC is a terrific way to test drive a keyword for conversion potential, or gauge demand for a specific product or service. Do you have a special, deal, or event that doesn’t warrant the investment in organic search? PPC is perfect!

What is so special about Done For Me Ads?

Successful, cost-effective PPC is not easy. This isn’t something you pay a college student a few bucks under the table to get out of the way for you. It requires skill, strategy, an in-depth grasp of advertising platforms, marketing experience, and creative expertise. A trustworthy agency is the way to go.

AdWords campaign management is a key element. AdWords is an advertising service offered by Google, the most popular search engine. Effective use of AdWords lets your campaign manager create relevant advertisement using keyword – search terms most frequently typed in by consumers using the internet to search for the products or services you offer. A comprehensive understanding of your profession is necessary to utilize keywords that trigger the appearance of your ad in relevant search. These sponsored links drive the most website traffic and conversions.

PPC is an ongoing factor in the lifespan of your practice. When business is booming, this advertising avenue helps it continue to encourage revenues that support down cycles. It shores up website launches, new products, and rebranding. The key is finding a PPC manager who will be a long-term partner in the growth of your practice. That partner is Done For Me Ads. Call 855-345-0593.

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