Online Advertising for Doctors

Have you considered incorporating pay per click (PPC) into your medical practice marketing plan? Does it feel daunting? Answers to these frequently asked questions about online advertising for doctors can help with marketing your medical practice effectively.

What is Google advertising?

While there are several options, PPC is what most people think of as Google advertising. PPC allows your advertisement to appear in a consumer’s search results (or elsewhere on the internet).

PPC is a “pay to play” advertising model, as opposed to organic search results based on website optimization. You pay a fee to the search engine only when your ad is clicked upon. A PPC advertiser selects relevant keywords, and creates an advertisement. Then, a critical determination is made – how much to pay per click to have the ad appear when a consumer uses the keyword as a search query. Advertisers compete with one another based on their maximum bids.

Google, though, does not reward search results based solely on bid. They also consider a quality score, based on value of the ad and its relevance to the keyword. Thus, a lower maximum bid for a keyword can win out, if ad quality and application to the consumer’s need is superior.

Doctor advertisement can also be accomplished on partner networks. In this scenario, banner, text, or display ads for your practice appear on a network of related sites. This form of medical practice marketing is less focused, since it is not tied to search terms used by consumers, but can be more economical.

Does anyone really click on ads?

Google’s annual revenues were reported at over $40 in 2012, and up to 98 percent was generated by advertising. Obviously, consumers do click on ads. Most online surfers are looking for navigation to sites that can provide information they seek. Online advertising for doctors can be the most direct route to accomplish that. In addition, research shows that nearly half of internet users do not recognize the difference between a paid ad and organic search results. They simply know that the displayed link appears to satisfy their demand.

Why should PPC be part of marketing strategies for doctors?

  • Scalable – You set the budget. You can get started on Google for as little as $50.
  • Measurable – It has been historically difficult to assess exposure and ROI for conventional forms of advertising, from billboards to email and direct mail. Done For Me Ads provides robust PPC analytics that show you exactly how your advertising dollars are performing.
  • Flexible – PPC strategy can be manipulated quickly, for an event, special deal, office opening, new staff member, or website launch.
  • Controllable – A negative match feature lets you control where your ad will NOT appear.
  • Fast results – SEO is effective, but it takes time to implement and see results. You can begin to observe the impact of PPC right away in increased consumer engagement and conversions.
  • Levels playing field – The taboos of medical advertising are gone. Your competition is using this marketing channel, and it is quickly taking over search engine results.

Do I have to choose between SEO and PPC?

In today’s cyber-driven society, every healthcare professional should have an internet presence. Obviously, a well-designed website with clean navigation and useful content is an important place to start. Properly optimized for organic search, the website builds a strong foundation. PPC with Google AdWords, on social media, and on partner network sites should not be considered an alternative. Rather, professionally managed PPC is a tremendous complement to your marketing plan, driving visitors to the website.

What businesses benefit most from Google advertising?

It is a common fallacy that PPC only works for retail. It is effective for:

  • Any business targeting lifetime value – organizations that want to retain a client for life. This includes online degree programs, internet providers, dentists, and doctors.
  • Industries with a high margin – medicine, law, and big-ticket retail items.
  • Niche products and services – those not readily found in local brick-and-mortar establishments. This could be products available only through licensed medical professionals, or refined services such as cosmetic surgery targeting a particular ethnicity (PPC can be tailored in many ways, including geographically and based on language).

There are many advantages to pay per click online advertising for doctors. The most benefit is gained with a professionally managed program. Done For Me Ads has certified experts, trained and experienced in every essential aspect of PPC, saving you time and providing the highest ROI. Call 855-345-0593 to learn more.

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