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Historically, advertising was eschewed or even prohibited by law for medical professions. Solicitation of patients was presumed to be unethical, and in defiance of moral standards, tradition, and good taste. Today it is commonplace to see and hear healthcare advertising in every media platform. Online PPC advertising is a big part of that tapestry of success.

Why doctors need to advertise

Some of the persistent arguments against professional advertising include:

  • Being a good doctor speaks for itself.
  • How can the public automatically know that, without information about your credentials and experience, and testimonials from real patients? It is a fallacy to believe that “only bad doctors need to advertise.”
  • Consumers in your area already know you.
  • Do they? In today’s mobile society, demographics change quickly with job transitions and blended families. Every neighborhood has more newcomers than in past times.
  • Your area of expertise is obvious.
  • Maybe it is to you, but part of the role of pay per click advertising is to educate consumers, presenting answers to their medical questions.
  • If you build it, they will come.
  • Unfortunately, new patients do not magically appear just because you built a beautiful office or updated your facility with the latest technology. Even longevity does not ensure a continued stream of new patients.
  • You don’t have competition in your geographic area or specialty.
  • Be realistic. We aren’t living in horse and buggy days. Most consumers think nothing of traveling a hundred miles or more for the services and expertise they expect.
  • PPC advertising doesn’t work for doctors.
  • If you tried it in the past and did not get results, the fault is not with the platform – it is with the process applied. Pay per click marketing is only as strong as the planning, talent, and budget that supports it.
  • You save money by curtailing advertising.
  • For every dollar a business spends in an AdWords campaign, they make an average of two dollars in income.
  • Word-of-mouth is more powerful than PPC advertising.
  • It may be, but it certainly doesn’t reach as many eyes and ears. More than 160 billion Google searches take place monthly, giving a properly optimized ad has virtually unlimited reach.
  • Advertising is sleazy and cheesy.
  • Simply put, consumers want, need, and deserve to know what you do and what sets you apart. That distinction can be illustrated with class in a tasteful PPC campaign.

The mystery of SEO

Major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing have complex algorithms that determine search results. A multifaceted set of rules and logic determines what local listings, content, or videos are revealed to a consumer’s query. The search engine attempts to determine what will be most relevant to that user. This organic search is not based on paid advertising. Organic ranking is admirable, but quite difficult to achieve. Google search results are extremely competitive in the United States and Canada, requiring top-notch search engine optimization. SEO is a vast undertaking. The fact that search engines are continually changing algorithms dramatically adds to the challenge. Even with effective SEO, organic ranking takes time, since many of the factors are based on a data about how consumers have reacted to the website or content over weeks or months.

PPC advertising circumvents those obstacles, boosting ranking exponentially.

How PPC ads work

The PPC internet marketing model involves a fee paid by the advertiser (you) each time an internet user clicks on your ad. You bid for placement in the sponsored links section of search engine results, when a user searches on a keyword related to your business. In essence, it is a way to buy visits to your website. It works because you reach the audience you want at the time they are most interested in what you have to offer.

Do you need PPC if your website is already ranking favorably? Yes. PPC is proven to improve ranking further, and create more conversions – website visitors that purchase a product or schedule an appointment.

Why partner with Done For Me Ads?

We are an international team with certified expertise in every area of online PPC advertising, from design to optimization. We provide paid campaigns tailored for Google and social media platforms. Analytics are robust, but easy to understand, helping you track the value of every PPC dollar spent.

PPC can be extremely effective with a trusted professional service . . . or a waste of money in the hands of amateurs.

Marketing and advertising is not an expense. It is an investment in your success. Call Done For Me Ads at 855-345-0593.

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